To get you back to moving & feeling your best

Types of Therapy

rehab & recovery

Muscle or ligament sprains, strains, or tears
Pain, tightness or soreness
Joint pain or stiffness
Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, or disc herniations
Headaches, vertigo
Shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain
Hip, knee or ankle pain

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“ I injured my Achilles’ tendon during an easy run and then had difficulty walking and doing stairs for a year after that! My trainer suggested I see Dr Emily and it was the best decision ever.”

Many people struggle with pain from recent or recurring injuries that keeps them from moving freely & doing the things they love. Common issues can include:

Reduce and eliminate pain
Heal from injury
Return to daily movements & sports
Stabilize and strengthen the affected & surrounding area
Increase mobility where it's needed

Together we focus on addressing your symptoms and getting to the source of them in order to accelerate healing, improve function, and prevent future issues.

These sessions help:

These sessions help:

Fine-tune your movements to maximize efficiency
Improve strength and technical stability
Increase mobility as needed
Maximize your preparation & recovery strategies 
Functionally assess your movement patterns so you can perform at your best

"As a professional athlete I trust Em wholeheartedly and recommend her to anyone that is looking for a comforting atmosphere and careful treatment."

Sports Performance

These sessions are designed to maximize your performance and reduce any risk for injury. 

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Whether you are an elite competing athlete looking to perform your best, or the occasional weekend warrior looking for longevity in sport & fitness; it is natural to have plateaus & challenges in one's training. 

"As someone who's also in the Health and Fitness field I am proud that we have someone knowledgeable as Dr. Em in the field! She does her best not just to treat her clients but to also educate them on how to prevent further injuries."

Injury Prevention

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Your body feels good. Let's keep it that way!

Increasing mobility
Optimizing movement patterns
Fine-tuning recovery strategies
Providing any needed maintenance tune-ups

These types of sessions can vary, depending on the specific prevention work your body needs. Whether that may be:

For the fitness-lover who is NOT in pain; we work on keeping it that way by putting in the necessary work to ensure you are moving well and preventing potential injuries from occurring!