We must learn to listen to the whispers our body gives us, before it is forced to yell

Dr. Emily is a Chiropractor with a passion for fitness and medicine. She has been ranked as the top female Chiropractor on Toronto’s rateMDs.com website from 2019-2022 and has helped hundreds of athletes and active individuals overcome pain & injury to perform at their best.

Dr. Emily obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic in Toronto; during which she received multiple academic awards including Magna Cum Laude, clinical honours and Dean's list recognition. She has also completed many additional certifications specializing in movement assessment, acupuncture, rehab and therapeutics. 

She has a special interest in traveling to underprivileged countries and giving back; having had the opportunity to travel/treat in Peru, the Dominican Republic and Honduras on Chiropractic Without Borders medical trips. Dr. Emily further trained in Toronto for 6 months; studying nerve entrapment disorders in the human body; their diagnosis, treatment and interplay with chronic and acute injuries. She happily treats in 3 locations across the Greater Toronto Area!

Meet Dr. Em...

Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.

Things I'm Known For:

Focusing on injury prevention as much as injury healing 

Rated as RateMD's Top Female Chiro in Toronto from 2019-2022

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Always making time for hikes and outdoorsy adventures

Offering "laughter therapy" in my sessions just as much as real therapy!

It doesn’t matter what age, sport, fitness genre, or skill-level someone is at; movement is medicine in our lives! It is the thing that gives us energy, alleviates stress, keeps us healthy, and gives us that push to aspire higher in our lives.

It keeps our bodies moving smoothly & helps us overcome pain / injuries that can affect our lives. Whether it’s someone in pain, an athlete looking to level-up their performance or someone looking for longevity in fitness; what people need most is individual-specific therapy.

This is what helps create a stronger, more resilient body. When your body’s needs are specifically addressed & assessed, with its weaknesses transformed into strengths; you find yourself embracing a body that doesn’t injure easily, one that moves with intent, and is able to keep doing the things it loves because of it!

Therapy is meant to compliment Movement

Mental Health First Aid

Specialties & Certifications

Motion Palpation Institute (MPI®️) – Upper Extremity and Cervical Spine

Athletic Taping for Extremities

Functional Range and Conditioning (FRC®️) Provider

Functional Integrated Acupuncture

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS®️) – ‘A’ Certified

Athletic Movement Assessments (AMA) – Lower Limb Certified

Functional Range Release (FRR®️) – Upper Limb Provider

Athletic Movement Assessments (AMA) – Upper Limb Certified

First Principles of Movement (FPM®️)

ISS Seminars – Integrated Patterning

Functional Biomechanical Assessment – Optimizing Neuromuscular Performance

“Dr. Emily is amazing. I highly recommend her. She’s knowledgeable, professional, and an all around great human.”

"I honestly don't have enough good things to say about Dr. Em!!! She is so sweet and extremely knowledgeable in what she does and is very deliberate and thorough.”

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"10+ years of chronic back pain fixed in 3 sessions w/ Dr. Em!”