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Move, Feel, and Perform Your Best

Move, Feel,
Perform Your Best

Dr. Emily Younes is an evidence-based Chiropractor with a passion for helping her patients using movement and medicine. 

She’s helped hundreds in Toronto’s fitness community overcome pain and recover from injuries; while working to prevent chronic & recurring issues using therapies such as acupuncture, joint mobility, muscle release, rehabilitation, and preventative exercise.   

Dr. Em obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic in Toronto; while also completing many additional certifications in rehab, movement assessment, diagnostics, and sport performance.

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Chiropractor, Acupuncture Provider
& Sport Performance Therapist 

We need to eliminate the band-aid approaches to pain and start to understand and treat the sources behind it.”


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Located in the heart of Leslieville, right across from Dineen Coffee!
Wednesday 4-8pm
Friday 2-7pm

1039 Gerrard St East, Toronto


Located in the east end of Toronto, just walking distance from St Lawrence Market!
Tuesday / Thursday 12-7pm
Saturday 2-6pm



OHFAST Therapy & Performance

15 Lesmill Rd Unit 7,
Toronto, ON M3B 2T3

Pursuit Integrative Health

209 Adelaide St East, Toronto


Located in North York, just down the road from Shops at Don Mills!
Wednesday 9-3pm
Friday / Saturday 9-1pm

For anyone in pain, struggling with a recent or recurring injury, we address both the cause of pain and underlying source to get you back to moving pain-free. 
Whether it’s neck & back pain, shoulder, knees, and hip problems, stiff or injured ankles, strained or tight muscles, or nerve-related injuries like sciatica.

For athletes looking to optimize their performance in fitness & sport, we functionally assess and fine-tune movements to help you improve strength, mobility, and technical stability in sport, so you can perform at your best.

sports performance

For the fitness-lover who is NOT in pain - we work on keeping it that way! Ensuring that you are moving well and preventing potential injuries from occurring, working on optimizing mobility, recovery strategies, and providing any needed maintenance tune-ups along the way. 

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injury prevention

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It doesn’t matter what age, sport, fitness genre, or skill-level someone is at… movement is medicine in our lives! It is the thing that gives us energy, alleviates stress, keeps us healthy, and gives us that push to aspire higher in our lives. Therapy is meant to compliment that. It keeps our bodies moving smoothly & helps us overcome pain / injuries that can affect our lives. Whether it’s someone in pain, an athlete looking to level-up their performance or someone looking for longevity in fitness; what people need most is individual-specific therapy. This is what helps create a stronger, more resilient body. When your body’s needs are specifically addressed & assessed, with its weaknesses transformed into strengths; you find yourself embracing a body that doesn’t injure easily, one that moves with intent, and is able to keep doing the things it loves because of it!

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